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More and more the conventional chemical products are in the crossfire of the critics, either for the reasons of general danger, incompatibility with the environment or for reasons of feared bio resistance. On the other side, up to now, so called “natural solutions” have proven to be insufficiently effective.

The development of the Flavonin® product line is a milestone in history of combat of undesirable microorganisms. With this new product program environmentally compatible, absolutely harmless, but highly effective alternative products for disinfection, preservation and also for plant health, are now available.

Flavonin® products

  • contain as far as possible natural and renewable resources in food quality.
  • are in the recommended dilutions totally harmless for humans, animals, insects and the environment.
  • are completely bio-degradable.
  • are non-corrosive or otherwise aggressive.
  • are destroying biofilms and are highly effective against all food pathogens and undesired microorganisms.

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