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Brazil: FlavoninĀ® Agro successfully tested in table grapes production

Brazilian agriculture is known for very big structures with highly efficient monocultures that deliver in many regions 2 harvests per year. A very high cost pressure – caused by the depreciation of the Brazilian currency B$ and by the high rate of competition - leads to an extreme push towards more economic / cost effective production. This includes of course also the usage of imported fertilizers or plant protection products.   

  • Flavonin® Agro – officially registered in Brazil and free for import and selling – might be a valuable contribution to improve and secure the agricultural income:

the usage of Flavonin® Agro Complete delivered up to 18% higher yield on table grapes

this yield increase is achieved without any additional usage of fertilizers or water or other measures

this yield increase had no adverse effect on sugar, acidity, maturity, color change or pH

this yield increase leads – after deduction of the additional costs for Flavonin® Agro treatment – to additional financial incomes of plus 6.5% up to 10.5%

Similar trials are ongoing on Brazilian Soy and Corn production. The first and preliminary trials show similar effetcs in terms of health and yield. In a second step, work on the reduction of agrochemicals like fungicides and bactericides by application of Flavonin® Agro products has now started.

Flavonin® Agro products supply an essential contribution towards a green  and still profitable agriculture

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