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Succesfull results in chestnut blight control in Turkey and Austria

Chestnut blight is one of the worldwide biggest threats to the cultivation of chestnuts. The fungus Cryphonectria parasitica has proven more or less immune against conventional and also modern control methods. Up to date clearing is the only method to stop this fungal disease from spreading.

All the more interesting and important the results that have been achieved with Flavonin® Agro in Turkey as well as in Austria.

After only 3 months of application customers report the following observations:

  • The wounds dry and infections seem to stop.
  • On treated trees no new spore formation could be observed.
  • No new infections could be observed.
  • Treated trees, even the ones with the worst infections, seem to recover with leaf spray applications - apparent in the new shoots.



We are looking forward to the continuation of these field trials in spring and especially to the planned grafting trials and also the impact on quantity and quality of the fruits in autumn 2017 - this year most of the Austrian harvest fell victim to severe frost.

Flavonin® Agro products supply an essential contribution towards a green and still profitable agriculture

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