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Clean Nature Solutions GmbH

Clean Nature Solutions GmbH (CNS) with principal office in Krems/Austria, is the international headquarter for production and worldwide distribution of the Flavonin® product range.

Conventional chemical products are in the crossfire, either for the reasons of general danger, incompatibility with the environment or for reasons of feared bio resistance. Up to now, so called “natural solutions” have proven to be insufficiently effective.

CNS’ development of the Flavonin® product line is a milestone in history of combat of undesirable microorganisms. With this new product program environmentally compatible, harmless, but highly effective alternative products for disinfection, preservation and plant health, are now available.

CNS is actively working worldwide through a network of sales partners.

CNS is not merely active in covering existing applications with Flavonin® products, but also collaborates closely with customers and sales partners, institutional organizations and universities in developing specialized and customized solutions.

CNS News
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