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FlavoninĀ® Agro Complete proves its performance in Brazilian Soy fields

a company which wants to take part in the Brazilian fertilizer and plant protection business needs to have a large budget for marketing and advertizing or an excellent product. Clean Nature Solutions surely has the second. 

It was very pleasing to receive the information that scientific studies as well as field trials have proven that

  •  already 1 treatment in R1 with only 0,4 liters of Flavonin Agro Complete brings considerable changes in the yield of Soy
  •  2 treatements in V9 and R1 can change the yield for incredible 12.5% 


the additionally tested effects on Maize are even more challanging!

What we have shown in many other trials for many different polants and fruits is now also proven in Corn as well as in Soy: the Net-Income of Farmers can be increased by the usage of Flavonin Agro Complete    

Flavonin® Agro products supply an essential contribution towards a green and still profitable agriculture


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