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Flavonin® Agro

Flavonin® Agro stands for our product range to be used in agriculture – either completely replacing or at least supporting conventional agro chemicals. 

The many different products of Flavonin® Agro are mainly the result of the different requirements of different countries - even within the single EC-countries different regional regulations are still existing.

But no matter which country you are in and which of our Flavonin® Agro products you are applying: our main focus in R&D and production always is the healthy growth and development of the plants and their fruits. E.g. if the Austrian Flavonin® Agro product shows and delivers excellent results in wine production, then the equivalent in your country will provide similar results. If the Californian product delivers excellent results in Tomato production, then the Turkish or the Chinese equivalent will do the same to their tomatoes. 

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