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Post Harvest Food LossĀ 

New cooperation with Wageningen university spin-off

Almost half of the worldwide produced fruit and vegetables goes consumed. While one third of it is Food Waste, meaning it is tossed by the consumer for various reasons, the other two thirds are considered Food Loss. This part is “lost” after harvest and along the supply chain.

Practical results show, that through application of Flavonin®- technology during all growing phases up to harvest, a significant prolongation of the shelf life can be achieved. Tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and also table grapes have up to 30% longer shelf life than conventionally treated fruit and vegetable. One reason for this, is a more stable and stronger skin and peel.

Together with as team of practitioners and scientists this effect will now be further investigated, with the purpose of offering a fungicide free product for post-harvest treatment.


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