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Turkey: FlavoninĀ® Agro surprises Dutch Tomato Consultants

Similar to the famous French flying winemakers who are active all over the world and exporting their knowhow, Dutch consultants distribute their greenhouse technology all over the world. So it can happen that a Turkish Flavonin® Agro customer proudly presents his excellent tomato results to his Dutch “teachers”. The “teachers” then contact CNS to open the doors to the Netherlands greenhouse production.

  • In many tomato greenhouses (glass and foliar) in many different countries the usage of Flavonin® Agro products lead to higher yields in the range of 6% to 10%
  • This yield increase was achieved without additional usage of fertilizers, water, minerals etc
  • This yield increase had no adverse effect on sugar, maturity, color development - on the contrary: the Brix-values of the Flavonin® tomatoes were higher, the harvest started earlier and finished later
  • These increases lead – after the deduction of the application costs of Flavonin® Agro products – to a considerable additional financial Hectar-income

The further achieved results like a significant reduction of Botrytis-infections or no spreading of Clavibacter infections will now be part of additional tests and examinations.

One additional observed and valuable effect is the substantial prolongation of the shelf life of Flavonin® Agro treated tomatoes.

All these observed effects are also valid for other fruits and vegetables.

Flavonin® Agro products supply an essential contribution towards a green  and still profitable agriculture

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