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USA: FlavoninĀ® Agro successfully tested on Alfalfa

American agriculture - same as all industrial segements in the world - is confronted by a severe cost pressure. Besides a reduction on production-costs - which very often is no more feasible - a lasting increase of productivity and yield is required. Flavonin® Agro was and is tested on many different applications, fruits and vegetables. The surprising outcome is that nearly all plants supported by Flavonin® Agro products show a higher productivity - a better transfer rate of input towards output.

Trials in the Midwestern USA show, that this Flavonin® effect is even valid on such fast growing feeding plants like Alfalfa:   

  • one propperly timed application on Alfalfa produced a total of close to 21% more outcome

the application on Alfalfa produced close to 10% more biomass

in addition the application of Flavonin® Agro on Alfalfa produced over 10% more digestible fibers (Relative Feed Value) in this 110% of biomass

the financial value of the total outcome is 3-fold higher than the input costs for Flavonin® Agro 

Flavonin® Agro products supply an essential contribution towards a green and still profitable agriculture

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